ROHYX Chapter 448 : Giving Birth (2)

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When Yun Qing heard that Yuxi was about to give birth, he was startled and would have rushed into the delivery room if Mama Qu hadn't stopped him.

When Yun Qing stood outside, he didn't hear a sound. He became worried and asked, "Why is there no sound?" He remembered that Fu Tianlei had said that a woman's voice would be particularly loud when she gave birth.

Mama Qu smiled and said, "Don't worry, General. Madam is fine." Not only that, but Mama Xi also ordered Mama Bai to serve Yuxi a bowl of noodles, fearing that Yuxi might not have the strength to give birth later.

Seeing how calm Yuxi was, Yun Qing's panicked mood calmed down. He was not going anywhere anyway, so he would keep watch in the yard!

Xu Wu came in from outside and said, "General, Qin Zhao is here to see the General." Qin Zhao had already received the news from the capital and knew that Yun Qing had secretly filed a wicked complaint against him, and not only that, Yun Qing had even replaced him. Furious, he had come to settle the score with Yun Qing.

Yun Qing replied, "Tell him to go back. I have no time to see him now." His wife was giving birth, which was a big deal. He didn't care about anything else.

Xu Wu was only responsible for delivering the words. When he saw that Yun Qing had left, he immediately went out and told Qin Zhao, "General Qin, my Madam is about to give birth right now, and the General cannot leave her."

Qin Zhao sneered. "It's Han Shi who is going to give birth, not him. Tell him to come out. I want to see him." He had always thought that Yun Qing was an open and honest person, but he had never thought that this time he would stab him in the back and take him by surprise.

Hearing such rude words, Xu Wu's face turned cold as he said, "General Qin, my Madam is about to give birth, and the General doesn't have time to meet any guests. If you have anything else to say, I will convey it on your behalf. If there is nothing else, I'll have to ask General Qin to leave." If it weren't for Marshal Qin, no one would care about Qin Zhao. Let's not talk about what happened in the past, but this time, Qin Zhao helped cover up the Xu family's involvement in leaking military information. This act had really disgraced Marshal Qin's face.

Qin Zhao was extremely furious, but this was the Yun Residence, not the Qin Residence. Even if he lost his temper, no one would pay attention to him, so he returned home angrily.

When Qin Zhao reached the Qin Residence, he threw the paperweight on the ground and cursed, "Ungrateful thing." Yun Qing would have died eight hundred to a thousand times over if not for his grandfather. He had never expected Yun Qing to stab him in the back.

Mr Li said, "General, it's a pity we didn't get rid of Yun Qing as early as possible. Otherwise, we wouldn't be in this mess." They were generally aware of what had happened in the capital.

Qin Zhao became even more furious. "What's the use of talking about this now? We should be thinking about how to solve this problem." If he had gone to the capital, and Yun Qing replaced him as the head general of Yucheng, there would be no place for him in Yu City when he returned. Without absolute power, who would take him seriously?

Mr Li would typically say something to please Qin Zhao, but his planning skills needed to be improved.

Seeing no reaction from his aide, Qin Zhao gave up on him and went straight to find Mr Xia. Mr Xia had been ill for the past few days and was resting in his small courtyard.

When Mr Xia saw Qin Zhao arrive in his courtyard, he knew something was wrong, and it was no small matter. Mr Xia struggled to get up but was too weak, so he could only ask as he lay down, "What's wrong, General?"

Qin Zhao's expression was grave as he answered, "Yun Qing has sent a memorial to the capital with a wicked complaint against me. The situation is far from good."

Mr Xia didn't believe Qin Zhao's words and coughed a few times before asking, "General, with Yun Qing's nature, he wouldn't be able to conspire against other people from behind the scenes. Could it be a misunderstanding?" Mr Xia knew a few things about Yun Qing's character. The defeat of his army would make Yun Qing resentful, but he was not someone who would stab people in the back.

Qin Zhao replied, "Not before, but not necessarily now. That Han Shi has the deepest thoughts. With her around, it is normal for Yun Qing to change." Ever since Yun Qing married Han Shi, his behaviour had been different from before.

In fact, Qin Zhao regretted not getting rid of this scourge sooner. It was difficult to kill Yun Qing, but it was still much easier to kill Han Shi. However, the best time had passed, and now he couldn't find an opportunity to do it.

Mr Xia didn't believe Yun Qing was plotting against Qin Zhao behind his back. He stayed by the marshal's side and watched Yun Qing grow up. He didn't think that just a mere woman could make him change his temper. "What did Yun Qing write in the memorial?"

Qin Zhao said coldly, "It is said that I insisted on sending troops and did not listen to his advice, causing so many casualties. I was also framed for leaking military information." Yun Qing did not write about these things, and he did not blame Qin Zhao at all. His memorial was simply a matter-of-fact account of what happened in Yu City then. It was Yuxi who told Han Jianming about Qin Zhao's insistence on sending troops despite Yun Qing's persuasion and his shielding of the Xu family, which even Yun Qing didn't know about.

Mr Xia asked, "How did the Crown Prince approach these matters?"

Qin Zhao answered, "The Crown Prince has issued a decree summoning me to the capital to defend myself, but I feel that this trip to the capital bodes ill rather than well[1]." He still did not mention that Yun Qing would take his place while he was there.

When Mr Xia heard this, he probably knew what was going on. It could be said that the matter was now a foregone conclusion, and there was no point in him saying anything. "General, the Crown Prince has issued such a decree to protect General......" After saying this, he began to cough heavily.

Mr Xia was reluctant to go to the capital with Qin Zhao. In the past, he thought Qin Zhao lacked talent and was narrow-minded, but because of his friendship with Marshal Qin, he still helped Qin Zhao with his work. But Qin Zhao's help in cleaning up the Xu family's mess had made Mr Xia utterly disappointed in him. If not for Marshal Qin's kindness, he would have wanted to expose Qin Zhao and seek justice for those innocent dead soldiers.

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Qin Zhao looked at Mr Xia, who was coughing so hard that he was bleeding, and his expression didn't look too good. "Then, sir, get some rest!" When something happened to him, none of his aides proved useful. They were all rubbish.

The sun had already set, and Yuxi had not yet given birth, causing Yun Qing to be so anxious that he would have barged in if someone had not stopped him at the delivery room door.

Seeing Yun Qing's anxiety, Huo Changqing comforted him, "Don't worry. Didn't the midwife say that your wife's foetus position is correct and she will deliver the child safely?" Since the midwife could say that, it showed that she was pretty sure.

How could Yun Qing not be anxious? It had been more than three shichen[2], and Yuxi hadn't given birth yet. It would be strange if he wasn't worried! At that moment, a scream came from the room. Yun Qing lost his mind and wanted to rush in, but Xu Wu stopped him.

Xu Wu persuaded him, "General, those who give birth are all like that, so please don't panic!" The General had never been this anxious and angry in the face of thousands upon thousands of men and horses[3].

Huo Changqing had never experienced anything like this before. When he looked at Yun Qing with the eyes of a person who had never been a father, he couldn't understand what Yun Qing was feeling. "Don't go in. You won't be able to help if you do. If you don't want to distract these people, you should behave yourself by just waiting here."

As the screams in the room grew louder, Yun Qing's heart kept sinking. Just when he couldn't take it anymore, a loud baby cry was heard.

Hearing this cry, Xu Daniu exclaimed, "Look at that voice! The child is definitely a big fat boy." A girl wouldn't have such a loud voice, so the child must be a boy.

After the baby was born, Yuxi was in a good mood and requested with a smile, "Bring the baby over for me to see." She forgot to ask whether her child was a son or a daughter.

Mama Xi washed and wrapped the baby in swaddling clothes, then showed the child to Yuxi. Yuxi's pregnancy had exceeded Mama Xi's expectations, and she gave birth in just over three shichen[2]. When Mama Xi thought about how things had gone so smoothly after so much chaos during that time, she felt it was a blessing from the Bodhisattva.

Looking at the baby's wrinkled skin and not-yet-opened eyes in the swaddling clothes, Yuxi muttered, "It's so ugly." The foetal position was correct, as Yuxi had been exercising since she became pregnant, and she didn't suffer much because she had listened to Mama Xi during the birth.

Mama Xi said with a smile, "Madam, all newborn babies are like this. The General is still waiting outside. I will bring the baby out to show him."

Yuxi was also a little tired, so she smiled and said, "You can take the baby out and show him!" After Mama Qu changed her clothes, Yuxi fell asleep.

As soon as the baby was carried out, Xu Daniu hurriedly asked, "Is it a boy or a girl?" The father was not urgent, but everyone around him was. It was true to the saying that the Emperor was not in a hurry, but his eunuch was[4].

Mama Xi smiled and replied, "It's a girl." After she finished speaking, she took a special look at Yun Qing's expression, and seeing no unhappiness on his face, Mama Xi felt a little relieved. Although Yuxi had said earlier that Yun Qing didn't care about the gender of the child, she thought that those words were only told to comfort Yuxi. What man wouldn't want a son? Unless a man had too many sons, he would then wish to have daughters for a change.

Yun Qing deliberately lowered his voice for fear of waking the sleeping child if it was too loud. "Let me hold the child." It was his child, his direct bloodline, and it felt amazing.

Mama Xi slowly put the baby into Yun Qing's arms and then taught him how to hold her without making it uncomfortable. "Yes, that's right, hold her with both hands......"

Xu Daniu leaned over and praised, "This child is so beautiful." He said this entirely to make up for the wrong thing he said just now.

Xu Wu also came over, but after looking at the swaddled child, he felt that Xu Daniu was telling lies with his eyes wide-open.

After hearing this praise, a smile appeared on Yun Qing's face. He also felt that his child looked very good, so he raised his head and asked Mama Xi, "How much does the child weigh?" After the baby was born, it was necessary to weigh it. Yun Qing felt the child was pretty heavy, so she shouldn't be light.

Xu Wu looked at the soft-spoken Yun Qing and immediately swallowed back the words he wanted to use to mock Xu Daniu. If he said the baby was ugly, the General would beat him up.

Mama Xi answered with a smile, "Her weight is five jin[5] and two liang[6]!" Not only was the child heavy, but the key was that she was also healthy. Healthy children were easier to raise.

After saying this, Mama Xi added, "General, it's a bit cold outside, so the child shouldn't stay out here for too long." The sun had just set, and it was not yet cold. Otherwise, she would not have taken the child out.

Hearing this statement, Huo Changqing quickly turned to Yun Qing, who was holding the child without letting her go, and said, "Bring the child over so that I can see her." If he didn't speak up now, he would lose his chance. 

Huo Changqing nodded as she looked at the baby in her swaddling clothes and praised her, "She looks pretty good. Although the child had not yet grown, she looked strong and sturdy. The conditions in the border town were not good, so it would be easier to bring up a strong child.

Xu Wu misunderstood Huo Changqing's words and thought that Huo Changqing also thought the child was beautiful. Now he deeply wondered whether his aesthetic view had gone wrong.[T/C]

Footnotes Full List
  1. Chinese idiom: be fraught with grim possibilities
  2. 2 hours
  3. Chinese idiom: a powerful army; a mighty force
  4. Chinese idiom: the observers are more anxious than the person involved
  5. a traditional unit of weight, each of which contains 10 liang (市两) or 16 old liang (旧市两) and is equal to 0.5 kilograms or 1.102 pounds
  6. a traditional unit of weight, equivalent to 0.1 jin (市斤) and is equal to 50 grams or 1.763 ounces. It's also known as a tael, a unit of weight for silver. I use liang here so that you don't confuse it with money.
  7. 🤣 No, you're not, Xu Wu. You just misunderstood their words.

    Xu Wu:

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