ROHYX Chapter 475 : Scholar Tree Estate (2)

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Zhuye couldn't solve the problem on her own. So, after thinking about it for a while, she returned to the Yun Residence and told Mama Qu about it. "Mama, how do you think we should arrange for this child?"

After listening to Zhuye's words, Mama Qu's brow furrowed. "You should not appear in person if you encounter something like this in the future. Let Old Woman Mo take care of it." This Old Woman Mo, whom Mama Qu was talking about, was the person who had been standing next to Zhuye earlier.

Mama Qu said this because she thought Zhu Ye was too young and thin-skinned to handle such a thing.

Zhuye's face stiffened, and she asked, "I won't be appearing in person in the future. Just for now, Mama, where shall we place this child?"

Mama Qu said, "Didn't a couple come in earlier and say they wanted to adopt a son? I'll send someone to ask them if they want to adopt the child. If they are willing, send the child there." Yuxi had no objection to other people adopting children from the Charity Home, but she had asked people to check out the couple, only to find out that the couple had given birth to three daughters and no son. The youngest daughter was already six years old, but there was no movement in the woman's womb. It was understandable that they wanted to adopt a son from the Charity Home to look after them in their old age, but when Yuxi knew that the couple's family lived in poverty, she refused. She wouldn't have been so demanding if the adoptive parents were from a wealthy household; at least she wouldn't have to worry about the children's basic needs. Otherwise, it would be better for the children to stay in the Charity Home. At least she knew that they were being fed and had warm clothes.

Zhuye also knew about this and said with some hesitation, "But the grandmother said that this child is the only heir left in her family..." If the child were to be adopted by that couple, he would have to change his name and surname. If he had no more connection with the Heng family, it would be like saying that the Heng family had died out.

Mama Qu glanced at Zhuye and said: "Since you are so kind, you can keep the child and raise him. That way, the old woman's spirit in heaven will be very grateful to you." Mama Qu's words were highly impolite.

Zhuye's face went white.

Mama Qu coldly explained: "It's not wrong to be kind, but you can't let others deal with the aftermath for you." Whatever you have done, you must solve it yourself, regardless of the consequences.

Mama Qu was not a heartless person, and she knew that the old woman was pitiful. But if all those who couldn't make a living in Yu City followed suit, the Charity Home might as well close its doors. 

Zhuye lowered her head and apologised. "Mama, I was wrong."

Mama Qu softened her expression and continued, "Just this time. If there is a next time, don't blame me for being heartless. I will suggest to Madam that you be replaced."

Zhuye mumbled, "I won't do it again." She didn't have much to complain about because Mama Qu had always been so strict, not only with her but also with Shiliu and Gancao. However, after this time, she wouldn't dare to take care of those things next time.

When Yun Qing returned from outside that evening and looked at the empty house, he felt depressed. He couldn't even eat the food after two bites when it was served. "Who cooked this?"

Mama Qu replied, "This was made by the cook in the front yard, and Mama Bai followed Madam to the estate." If she hadn't had so much to do, she would have followed Madam to the estate as well. How comfortable it would be to stay there in this kind of weather.

Yun Qing stopped eating the tasteless food and did not stay in the house. He went straight to the front yard and stayed in the study at night so as not to feel uncomfortable looking at the empty room. Thus, it was a terrible thing for something to become a habit.

Compared to Yun Qing, Yuxi had a comfortable life. The house she lived in was very cool, and the insects she worried about were absent. She ate well and slept well.

The next day, she had just opened her eyes when she heard the birds chirping crisply outside, and her mood instantly improved. When she saw Mama Xi bringing in water, she immediately smiled. "I slept well last night." For the past few days, Yuxi hadn't been sleeping well at night.

Mama Xi put down the wooden basin and said, "Madam, let's wait until it's not too hot, then you can go back! Madam hasn't had a moment's rest after the confinement period. So please take a good rest during this time, Madam!"

Yuxi hummed in agreement. "We'll go back in the middle of the ninth month." The weather would be cooler by then. 

In the following days, Yuxi took a walk every morning and evening and spent the rest of the time in the house reading books, teasing her daughter, or chatting with Mama Lan. As for the estate's affairs, she simply told Guo Xun to make full use of every corner of the estate and plant more crops. As long as there was enough food to eat, there was no need to worry about being unable to sell the excess. As for other things, she didn't care about any of them.

Yuxi was reading her book when she heard resounding footsteps. She put the book down and walked out with a smile. She watched as Yun Qing strode in, smiled and greeted, "You've come." 

Yun Qing looked at Yuxi. He hadn't seen her for ten days. Not only did Yuxi look better, but she was also a little chubbier than before: "How did you know I was coming?" Looking at Yuxi's posture, she clearly knew that he was coming. Only then did she come out to meet him.

Yuxi smiled and said, "Your footsteps can be heard three miles away, so there is no need for anyone to report your arrival." Besides, no one had come to tell her of his arrival so far.

Yun Qing entered the room and saw no one on the bed. He turned to Yuxi and asked, "Where is Zaozao?" He hadn't seen his daughter for ten days. When Yun Qing finally lost his cool, he couldn't help but come here today.

Yuxi smiled as she replied, "Mama Lan took her outside to play. She will be back soon." The child now had to be taken out several times a day. It was foreseeable that when she grew up, she would no longer be a girl content to stay indoors.

Resisting the urge to find and bring back his daughter, Yun Qing told Yuxi one thing: "Han Ji came back today. I let him rest for a few days before coming over here." After leaving in the fourth month and only returning now, it must be tiring enough for Han Ji to run around for four months!

Yuxi's eyes lit up as she asked, "What did he buy and bring back?"

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Yun Qing pulled a list from his sleeve and handed it to Yuxi, saying, "This is the purchase list Han Ji asked me to give you. As for the rest, wait for him to come over and tell you in detail." He also looked at it twice, and the things listed were all medicinal herbs and leather. These things were twice cheaper than Yu City. It was at this time that Yun Qing clearly felt how profitable medicinal herbs were and also knew why Yuxi wanted to start a medicinal herb business. 

Yuxi looked at it carefully, and after reading it, she said with a smile: "It's a great harvest." It was better than she had expected. The only pity was that Han Ji was unable to buy the Tianshan Snow Lotus. There was not much of it out there.

Yun Qing knew what Yuxi was thinking and said, "The Tianshan Snow Lotus is extremely rare. Once the news of it gets out, it will become a tribute." Therefore, it was basically impossible to buy the Tianshan Snow Lotus.

Yuxi hummed in recognition and asked, "Have you asked Mr Xia about that?" She was referring to the lack of money for the military.

Yun Qing paused before answering, "Mr Xia gave me an idea, but I'm still considering whether to use it."

Yuxi's face showed delight, and she asked, "What idea? Tell me about it." As long as it didn't involve k*lling and setting fires, whatever the method, she would listen.

Yun Qing said, "Mr Xia told me that the Marshal had saved some money and planted some people in the Xu family. These people can help us get proof that the Xu family has been selling army provisions to the northern barbarians. We should raid the Xu family, and then we will have the money for the winter." According to Mr Xia's idea, the Xu family had made a lot of money over the years, and it should be no problem to get a million or two from raiding them.

He couldn't say that the method was bad. He could only say that it had too many consequences. The Xu family was in Xinping City, not Yu City. If he led his troops to raid the Xu family's house, those who didn't know better would think they were rebelling!

Yuxi felt that Yun Qing was much more mature now than before. At least he considered the future consequences instead of recklessly acting like he used to. "I think this method is excellent. It would be a pity to give it up." In any case, the Xu family earned their money uncleanly. It was just right for Yun Qing's troops to use it.

Of course, Yun Qing did not want to give up such an opportunity to make money, but he had some concerns. "If we want to raid the Xu family, we must get Prefect Tan's consent." Not only did he have to get Prefect Tan's approval, but he also had to get his cooperation.

Yuxi was silent momentarily before responding, "This is not a trivial matter. If something goes wrong, Prefect Tan will also be implicated." Collusion between the army and the government was a taboo for those in power. Precisely because it was such a big deal, they couldn't cover it up.

Yun Qing also knew that this was a difficult matter to deal with, and it was only then that he told Yuxi about it.

Yuxi thought for a moment and suggested, "How about this? I will personally go to Xinping City and talk to Prefect Tan about this matter." This was not something that she could put on paper. Firstly, she was afraid that the news would get out, and secondly, she feared leaving behind any information that their enemy could use against them.

Yun Qing said, "There is no hurry. It's not too late to wait a few more days before going there." His identity was too sensitive, and he had a lot of things to do. If he left Yu City for five or six days, he would definitely attract attention. And Yuxi happened to be on her estate. Even if she went to Xinping City and hid her movements well, the public would not be able to find out.

Yuxi said, "Of course, I'm in no hurry. I must have proof of the Xu family's crime of trafficking goods to the northern barbarians before I can meet with Perfect Tan." With the evidence, it would be better for her to convince Perfect Tan.

Yun Qing naturally knew this. "I'll tell Mr Xia when I get back."

Yuxi resentfully shoved Yun Qing as she complained, "So you didn't come to the mountain villa because you missed us. You just came to see me for something!" After saying that, she turned her back on Yun Qing and ignored him.

Feeling terribly wronged, Yun Qing quickly hugged Yuxi and said: "It's really unfair of you to say that. You don't know that I haven't been able to eat or sleep well since you and Zaozao left home. So I worked day and night to take care of things during this time before rushing over to accompany you and our child."

After hearing his confession, Yuxi's expression showed she was pleasantly surprised. "You mean you'll be staying at the estate for a few days as well?" She knew how busy Yun Qing was. He hadn't had a single day off since he took over as the Chief Commander of Yu City.

Yun Qing hummed in agreement. "I'll accompany you and the child for a whole day tomorrow and leave the next morning." Fortunately, this village was close to Yu City. If it were too far, he would spend most of his time on the road.

Yuxi was in a much better mood. "I hope nobody calls you back tomorrow."

Yun Qing said amusedly, "There won't be." It was a truce period, so there wouldn't be anything important that required his urgent return.

Yuxi replied, "I hope that's the case."

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